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About Me

I have 21 years of successful experience as:
An International Real Estate Specialist (IRES)
A Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
A Luxury Residential Expert (LRE)

My Story & Goals

I have been selling the luxury residential market of the Greater Fort Lauderdale’s coastal elements since 2001. The success of my real estate career is due to my profound commitment and dedication to my customers, and I pride myself to offering them the best representation with loyalty, honesty, and perseverance. Over the years I have learned and honed exceptional negotiation skills, outstanding customer service satisfaction, and I constantly learn and utilize the latest technological trends of our real estate industry to optimize marketing for your sale and /or purchase success.

I firmly believe in observing and practicing ethical sales practices. To help me achieve this high level of integrity, since the beginning of my career, I served on several leadership committees of my Local Board of Realtors (RAGFL) for the past 20 years including 5 years as Regional Director of the Florida Association of Realtors (FAR), and for the past 9 years (and still am) on the Professional Standards Committee to uphold our National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) Code of Ethics. I also hold the following real estate designations: an International Real Estate Specialist (IRES) designation, a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), and a Luxury Residential Expert (LRE).

My goals are not to prosper with quantitive listings or buyers; rather, I prefeer not to cut myself thin handling volume of clients that could cause to neglect my performance.  I want to ensure that each and every of my customers will receive the quality of my services they deserve.

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Helping You...


The Southeast Florida (SOFLO) real estate market is still sizzling hot and many homes sell over their asking price.  However, that doesn’t happen magically – It takes outstanding negotiation skills and a lot of self-assurance.  Having over 21 years of experience selling real estate in SOFLO, I have learned and honed my negotiation skills as a craft which earned me the trust of my clients.  I excel in luxury residential home sales, waterfront condominium living,  and the 55+ communities.  And while your property is listed, I will help you find your next dream home.


Before buying a house, there is the process of “finding” the right house or condo, and it is often a daunting task.  This is where I come in handy.  With 21 years of selling and buying luxury residential properties in Southeast Florida under my belt, I know the SOFLO turf inside and out. Whatever style of property you’re looking for, I will lead your heart to it and I will apply my practical expertise to negotiate the best deal for you.


Southeast Florida is the ideal place to spend your winters on or near our warm and sunny beaches, but you don’t have to be retired to own a second home in SOFLO. Many pre-retiree middle-aged people own homes or condos down here just to frequently come down and simply unwind, decompress, for long weekends to enjoy golfing, boating, or other sporting activities, then indulge in our myriad of excellent restaurants and nightlife.  I can help you find the right property in these exciting places.


There was a time when Florida was packed with retirees in the wintertime, and when they left to go back up North for the summer, Florida was nearly deserted during the summer months.  NOT ANYMORE.  Since about 1980, Florida has exploded in a permanent population due to industrialists, technology businesses, and pharmaceutical and medical field industries (to name a few) who set up shop down here and helped to the prosperity and the growth of Florida.  Each year, more and more young people move down here to start a career and a family, and especially since the COVID crisis that has significantly changed the dynamics of the workforce – people can now work remotely from home – so it makes much sense for northerners to move down to SOFLO and continue working under warm and sunny skies?


Once your house is UNDER CONTRACT FOR SALE, or the buyer is UNDER CONTRACT TO PURCHASE, there are many steps to take before the finishing line (THE CLOSING). Again, this is where it comes in handy:  My duties become the management and supervision of the whole process of your transaction from signing the contract to signing the settlement documents.  What are those steps?


Unless you already have your own trusted experts to facilitate your closing process,

  • I will help you to find the best lender for you for loan pre-qualification and I will work with lenders to find you the best loan rate available at the time (NOTE that loan rates fluctuate daily)
  • I will help you find an experienced and trusted Title Agent to promptly file, research title, and close your transaction on time.
  • I will help you find the necessary property inspector(s)
  • I will be present to oversee all required inspections: general, roof, termite, mold, and/or other inspections you may require including the “final walkthrough inspection.
  • I will meet the appraiser of the property.
  • And, of course, I will attend the closing unless it is a mail-away closing.
  • Throughout the course of this process, I will remain at hand to promptly respond to your needs and I will keep you up to date on the progress of your purchase.


My performance to get you to the “closing” is quite similar to the tasks for the buyer, and unless you already have your own crew of experts to help you,  

  • I will help you find the right representation for your closing (both buyer and seller need a closing representation).
  • I will be present on your behalf to receive all necesssary inspections the buyer will require. 
  • Should you need external services, I will recommend the right professionals: movers, repair experts, handymen,  etc.
  • I will keep you informed to progress of the closing timeline.
  • And I will attend the closing to ensure that everyting closes smoothly.